Going Green

Verhaalen Painting is dedicated to doing its part in the protection of our environment.


Doing Our Part


Green trends are on the rise. Everyone is going green! We hear about hybrid cars, green roofing, solar energy, and green building materials. Verhaalen Painting, Inc. is dedicated to doing its part in the protection of our environment.


Fortunately, the advancements in paint technology have provided painting contractors safer options for paint application. Most paints contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These VOCs can affect the environment, cause irritation to those with asthma or allergies. However, most paint manufacturers have introduced eco-friendly or "green" paints that contain low levels or no VOCs.   

Verhaalen Painting, Inc. is an environmentally friendly paint company. As we grow in our knowledge of earth friendly alternatives, Verhaalen Painting, Inc. endeavors to be a "green" paint company, using quality paint brushes that survive multiple use and opting first for low or no VOC paints when available. We offer the option of low or no VOC paints when available on all our projects.

Our commitment to being “green” goes beyond low or no VOC’s to our customers, by washing and cleaning brushes, rollers, and all paint equipment, capturing the “ gray water”, bringing it back to our office to be filtered and used as reclaimed irrigation on our landscaping and not just dumped in yours